Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Spell - Pin Shadow

Pin Shadow

Level: 1
Duration: 2 rounds plus 1 additional round per level of the caster
Range: touch of target's shadow

The caster takes an ordinary nail and jams it into the surface the target's shadow is covering to complete the spell. The target rolls a save vs spells with failure causing the target to be limited to movements that remain within 15 feet of the location of the nail. The target creature is not hindered in any other way. For flying creatures it draws them down in a spiral until they are within 15 feet of the nail, but does not force them to land. This spell also works on the creature called a Shadow, but is dangerous because the caster will be affected as if hit by the creature.

Based on feedback and suggestions here are some modifications to the spell.

The target can elect to tear free in order to avoid being stuck or dragged along in the event the nail is in a movable object such as a wagon or barrel. Doing so damages the target's shadow and prevents natural healing (magical healing still works) until either Remove Curse is cast on the victim or a Mending spell is cast on the shadow of the victim.


StevenWarble said...

Interesting spell, very folkloric and atmospheric.

One area I see that needs clarification is "what happens when a shadow is nailed to a moving or movable surface, such as the bed of a wagon"? Is the target dragged along with the anchor point, or does moving the anchor point end the spell?

Also, I'ld consider giving the target the possibility of "ripping free" of the anchor at the cost of a certain amount of HP or ability damage.

Overall though I like the spell.

OSRbaron said...

Hey Steve, glad you could drop in and give your thoughts on the spell.

I was definitely aiming for folkloric feeling.

I was thinking about the movable object thing after writing the post and in my mind's eye was picturing the target grabbing a small cask of ale up that had the nail in it and making a break for it.

The idea that someone could jam it in a wagon and have the horses take off pulling someone along is amusing as well.

The spell duration is short enough at low levels, but higher might be enough to force changes.

Not sure where to go with those and might let it get experimented with in play before making changes.

If anyone out there tries it out please let me know how it goes.

StevenWarble said...

Like the changes!