Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another schedule change for Lost Baronies.

I just received an email from one of my two remaining players explaining that the next scheduled session conflicts with a scheduled family day at the circus. Our next session has now been postponed until April 21st.

Family fun time is always a cool thing. It is good to do things together. However, why would you want to terrify your offspring by putting them within close proximity to clowns? Those things are dangerous!
Number appearing: 2d4 (+ 6d4 with clown wagon)
Alignment: pure evil
Movement: 120 (40)
AC: 5
Hit Dice: 3+3 to 9+9
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d6 plus poison
Save As: Fighter 4 through 10
Morale: 12 (they may temporarily run away to later stalk and toy with prey)
Hoard class: IV
XP: 100 to 1,700

Clowns are anything but friendly and funny. They are terrifying and deadly humanoids with a cruel streak wider than a dragon's wingspan.

A person bit by one must save versus poison at -3 or be permanently cursed with dreadful nightmares that only a wish can remove. A clown once bit my sister.

They are easy to locate if you wish to risk life and limb. Just attend a circus. In some cultures it is accepted practice to risk one's entire family by putting them in danger of being overwhelmed by a clown horde. This is typically done by whole villages, sometimes several villages at once, to reduce individual risk while making a spectacle of the horrific event.

Clown treasure is always trapped. Spring Snakes (3 attacks vs AC for 1d4 damage each) , Liquid projecting flowers (acid spray, save vs paralysis or take 1d6 damage).

The red nose of a clown, if undamaged when removed, can be sold to alchemists for making the ink used for scrolls of the Fear spell.

Lone clowns have been known to show up seemingly at random, at children's birthday parties. The results are never pretty. The most maladjusted adults were often present for something like this in their early childhood.

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