Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GaryCon - Wish I Could Go

Conventions seem to escape me these days. It always seems that I either lack the spending money to cover costs when I have the time, or I have the money, but not the time. In this case I could easily take this Friday and next Monday off, but with some big expenditures on the near horizon I dare not commit the money.

It makes me wonder if this is why some folks start their own mini-cons. I and a former roommate of mine used to do just that.

We would plan way ahead and hold a game day at our place, and later the place of his wife's mom who is all kinds of cool for letting us use her house. We would send out open invites and the turnouts were actually pretty impressive. The very first one had 40+ people all day long in our decent sized appartment. Frankly, while these game days are fun, they are also a logistics headache and since people don't always RSVP, your turnout can vary wildly.

I definitely could use a vacation so maybe I can look for something local within budget.

Next year though I hope the stars align so I can make the trip to GaryCon.

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