Friday, February 3, 2012

Slacking Off

I somehow need to get my energy and interest levels up when it comes to doing some blogging. I owe it to myself. There were some grand ideas I had for posts and they are still on the to-do list.

At least session 11 is on schedule for playing tomorrow. That will give me more material on top of the backlog of other stuff.

The recent announcement of 5e has my mind working through some stuff and I have been spending some time on EN World discussing these things. It will be interesting to see how the open playtest works, especially with the wealth of great and some not-so-great ideas that are all over the internet.

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StevenWarble said...

I'm just totally astonished at the level of rancor over really unimportant issues. I mean "3d6 in order" vs "point buy" as your do-or-die 5E sticking point? Crap, it takes 2 paragraphs to include both, problem solved, move on.

Ascending AC vs Descending AC? Really? Add a number or subtract a number, problem solved, move on.