Saturday, February 4, 2012

Missing Pet - Manticore

I bought a case of the Pathfinder Battles miniatures since prepainted miniatures are a weakness of mine, in the hopes of getting all 40 pieces from the set. No such luck.

Here is why I ended up missing one of the figures. The place I bought them from did not leave the cases sealed, instead they unboxed the bricks and stacked those on shelves and when filling orders they pulled 4 random bricks to make up a case. That is a mentally deficient way of doing things.

Fortunately it is only 1 of the set that I am missing, but did it really have to be the Manticore? When I was buying cases of WotC minis (which had horrible collation) I also kept missing out on the Manticore. Am I to remain bereft of Manticores? Are my players to not know the horror of being perforated by the tail spikes of this ignoble beast?

Were I to purchase that single figure from the Paizo webstore it would cost me $20 plus shipping. That is absolutely nuts, especially considering how much I already paid for a case, and I still don't have the dragon I paid for either, but hope to have that soon.

The rest of the set seems to be a good mix, and while I like having 4 dire rats, I really did not need four of Carrot Top's angry Mini-Me figure (Gnome Fighter). And what the hell do I need 3 of Seelah for?

Fortunatley I did not suffer the problem with unbased figures that was apparently a common enough happenstance to get a lot of mentions in reviews of the figures.

As to the figures themselves, I think they did a great job with detail and painting compared to some of the WotC sets. They should have cut back on the cartoony nature of a couple of the sculpts though.

CoughTrollCough. The Ogre looks crappy as well.

My only other criticism is about the packaging. Way too much waste material. Correcting that problem would save everyone money and reduce the environmental footprint a bit. Every little bit helps.

When I was on the Paizo site earlier I noticed there will be a small set of repaints (Champions of Evil?) that includes the Cleric, Succubus, Gargoyle, and Zombie, multiples of the figures. The Gargoyle which I consider one of the best in the set is going to be a nifty demonic red. From the picture on the site, it looks very cool. The sculpt makes it a nice dual purpose figure and the repaint shows that off well.

I am looking forward to seeing the upcoming Rise of the Runelords figure set.

Meanwhile if anyone has seen Fluffy, please direct him home. The other figures of the set miss him dearly.


Aaron E. Steele said...

If I had a second one i'd pass it along, but alas I got only one.

OSRbaron said...

That's a kind offer. Thanks for the thought.

I did manage to get a pretty good mix of figs so it isn't a bad batch.

Besides, it gave me something to blog about and have a little fun with. :)

StevenWarble said...

We sell the figures by the brick, not the case. Why would we shelve them by the case, then have to break down a case every time we sell a brick. THAT would be mentally deficient...

Hugs and Kisses

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PS Just joking...please don't start a flame war with me... not that I couldn't total flame you...

OSRbaron said...

Hey Steve,
Great to see you back. No flame war worries. :)

The part I call mentally deficient is that no matter what info the manufacturer or publisher provides about how the merchandise is being sold, the company, even when we both worked there, always manages to not pay attention to. Paizo explained in their info that a sealed case was supposed to have all of the figures in the set. Sure, it can be sold as individual bricks, but should also be sold as sealed cases.

Any news on the dragon? Still stuck in back-order?

StevenWarble said...

I have your Black Dragon

Let me know how you want to get it