Monday, February 20, 2012

One-Wayism - aka AssHat the Troll

I spend a fair amount of time reading the threads over on the EN World forums, and sometimes participate. Sometimes meaning very rarely. Since going there before it became EN World, while it was still Eric Noah's Unofficial 3rd Edition News over 12 years ago,  I have barely broken 400 known posts/replies (likely at least 100 higher with some lost in server updates).

Recently I joined a discussion which had great promise to be interesting and fun. That did not turn out to be the direction it would take due to everyone's favorite internet monster . . . the troll.

Trolls in the game are a known hazard, very dangerous and almost fearless. Internet forum trolls share similar traits to their D&D namesake. They are difficult to defeat, they seamingly regenerate to keep posting annoying bullshit that twists the course of the discussion into a horrifying mockery of intent. They are afflicted with an incredible delusion leading them to a fanatic support of One-Wayism.

One major difference between the ones in the monster manual and the forum trolls is that the book trolls loathe flames. The forum trolls are driven to incite flames in the hopes of burning down everyone's enjoyment.

Don't let this disuade you from signing up over at EN World, the place typically is one of the less infested places to discuss the hobby, and most of those participating are genuinely friendly and welcoming.

Getting back to the topic, the current random encounter with forum trolls has informed me of the following:

That any DM using random charts/tables is a poor DM.

That any DM using random charts/tables is Lazy.

That any DM using random charts/tables lacks creativity no matter what they do with the results.

That Any DM that does things any different from the way the trolls do is doing it wrong. There is only one way.

Etc, etc, etc.

If any of you reading this feel as I do, that this is an insult, join the fray. Here is the thread wherein trolls are multiplying and need to be driven off.

Be Warned: these trolls do not appear to be affected by the searing heat of logic or politeness. These don't even back off when you call their nonsense out. Your weapons may not include profanity, politics, religion, or extreme personal insults. The forum operates on the "Grandma Rule" which is, don't say anything that might offend Eric's Grandma.

So that you know what these trolls look like here is a close approximation:

For only the second time in the 12 years as a member there have I added someone to the ignore feature. He can argue with his own farts for all I care.

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