Saturday, January 12, 2019

Dungeon of Jolokia: Rooms 6&7

Room 6 is accessed by the northwestern hallway and room 7 is accessed from room 3 via the east door.

Room 6:
There is a giant venomous snake in the central pit and a team of attendant cultists in this room.
- 3 zero level cultists each with powder, dagger, and finger cymbals.
- 1 Fang of Judgement (fighter, level 2) scimitar, chainmail +1.
- 1 Speaker of Fire (wizard, level 2) Burning Hands spell.
- 1 Tongue of Jolokia (cleric, level 2) Mace +2.

Room 7: Storage for food, water, raw peppers, etc.

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