Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dungeon of Jolokia: Rooms 4&5

Continuing the Dungeon of Jolokia.
Room 4: If not already alerted to intruders Moruga (naga) will be resting here reading several long scrolls made from snake skin. The scrolls are philosophical texts regarding fire, pain, etc. Among Moruga's other possessions is a scroll of Fire Resistance.

Room 5: Three cultists are carefully grinding peppers to created juices and powders. Shelves are lined with jars of potent mixtures. The air in the room is thick with the scent of peppers and anyone not used to constant contact with the plant must make a save vs poison or suffer greatly while present and for 1 turn (10 minutes) after leaving the room. Failed save results in -4 to hit and -4 to armor class due to choking and intense burning of the eyes and throat. Successful saves still result in -2 to hit and -2 to armor class while in the room and for 5 rounds after leaving the area.

Random encounters with cult members will come from the northern hallway, normal encounters will come from the narrow hall leading southwest.

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