Saturday, October 1, 2016

West Marches - New Campaign

Ran the first session of a new West Marches style campaign Friday night here in Idaho. We're using the OSR style rule set from Lamentations of the Flame Princess with house rules. Four of the five players were in attendance. The Party consisted of a Dwarf (Dorrak), an Elf (Princess Xena the Big Boobed), a human wizard (Fox the ADHD), and a Specialist aka thief (Mira). The players include two that have some small amount of experience with D&D, and three that are completely new, although one is a big fan of Skyrim and has an understanding of how it translates.
They learned of 4 possible rumors to look into and chose to take on two at the same time since they figured it was possible they are connected. The party decided to help a teenage girl locate her missing mother, and to try and solve the thefts of farm animals from north of town.
While traveling north they discovered a burial mound with a collapsed entrance. Fortunate to have a party member with a shovel, they cleared a way to get inside. Investigating the tomb they found 3 chambers, one blocked by a portcullis, the other two by stone doors. They explored them all and came away with a gold belt buckle encrusted with tiny gemstones.
Their one opponent was a skeleton encrusted with concretions which made it tougher to bring down. The wizard was brought to unconsciousness during the fighting and needed to be nursed back to health in town.
On their second trip north, they got lost a couple of times and wound up circling back to town after a few days. They encountered and killed two giant centipedes the night before getting back to town.
Good first session. Looking forward to next week.

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