Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tower of Zenopus - Full Map and Overview

I never did finish all the painting, but some projects will go on forever, and time does eventually catch up to you, but before I dismantled the thing, I wanted to share the complete work, which includes a labeled 'DM's Map' for the room keys, which you can match to Holmes's Key in the basic set. Of course its not an exact recreation, as space, and available pieces simply would not allow it, but having played it out, I can attest that play went very close to the original. The one thing that the players did, that has never happened before, was the use of the tomb lids to block the rat holes in Room N. Very creative, and I think inspired by the fact that there was such a tactile visualization of the place. Please, comment, and share your thoughts below! Thanks for looking!

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Anthony Emmel said...

Very sweet work! Thanks for sharing. I have some of those same set pieces. :)