Monday, May 6, 2013

Review - Iron Man 3

I'll try to avoid spoilers in this brief review of the movie Iron Man 3.

The short - I enjoyed it. The movie is entertaining and if you like lots of explosions, this one will not disappoint.

The odd, yet explainable - The Mandarin, a character that had been a major life-long recurring villain and antagonist was changed to being non-Chinese. This was done to avoid angering audiences in China where the movie also opened this week. China is becoming an incredibly large market for American films and the studios smell the money so changes like this can be expected in other films as well. Sadly this may invalidate the whole magic rings storyline for the villain.

The weak sauce - There is this bit about anxiety attacks that didn't play well and is a missed opportunity in character development. It was the one thing I felt was poorly scripted and left little to guide the actor in acting it out.

Overall - 3.75 out of 5 stars. Deductions for the changes that weaken the history of the Mandarin and for the poorly handled anxiety attack elements.

Stay through the long boring credits for a good chuckle, especially if you have seen The Avengers.

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