Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey WotC, why the dick move?

I just found out that Wizards of the Coast has decided to do a GenCon Exclusive for D&D Next. Normally I would say, sure, whatever, you've done exclusive play tests at all the big conventions. It is expected. This time however they decided to sell a preview adventure/rules book for 5e only to GenCon attendees.

So what you say . . . well that is damned annoying to those of us that for whatever reason cannot get to the con, but would like to support such a release in support of 5e. To us this smacks a bit of douchbaggery.

Open the pre-order up to everyone and ship it out on the GenCon release date while allowing attendees to get it there if they choose to pick one up. Don't be dicks to supporters unfortunate enough not to be able to come lick your boots at GenCon.

Here's the official announcement: Asshats of the Coast

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