Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free RPG Day - Saturday June 15th 2013

Free RPG Day is another thing that will be getting added to the convention calendar since it is both local and nationwide. Follow the link to get details and use the store locator to find your friendly local game store.

This year, the 7th year, is scheduled for Saturday June 15th.

Sadly there are no participating game stores in or near Frederick, Maryland.

Within 100 miles I notice 5 in Pennsylvania.
1 in Delaware which I suspect is Days of knights, a fantastic store I like to occasionally make a trip to visit.
1 in Cockeysville, Maryland which I believe to be Alternate Worlds, a store I visit a few times a year that is very responsive to customer requests.
Several others are marked on the map in and around Baltimore and D.C.
Others show in Northern Virginia.

There are a number of sponsoring companies offering up free goodies.

Remember, try to look around the stores and find something, even if you can only afford something cheap, to purchase. Do so as a thank you to the stores for participating in this cool event on your behalf.

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