Monday, March 25, 2013

Murder Hobos Advanced Edition RPG part 1

Having given some thought to different systems and house rules it occurred to me that I am a difficult DM to satisfy.

The time has come and is long past due, to try and collaborate on a workable semi-OSR system and get feedback along the way if for no other reason than it might be a fun experiment.

Several players I have spoken with prefer the armor classes to ascend instead of the original descending armor classes. That in itself is an easy enough fix. To flip armor class just subtract existing armor class from 20 and presto, you know the ascending AC. For hit bonus just go to the chart and for each change in THACO by levels add one to the to-hit. In Labyrinth Lord everyone starts at +1 for 1st level with some staying that way for additional levels depending on class. Converting THACO into THAC20 is the easy part.

For Saving Throws the table works fine like it is (for me at least). Not only do I like the multiple save categories, but I find they lend themselves well to other functions.

For example I replaced the Identify spell with a save vs Spells and Spell like Devices for the wizard making the attempt. Since the save improves with level it reflects the wizard's growing knowledge and lore skill.

The Reaction table can be flipped so that high rolls are good as opposed to low. You only need to modify the Charisma mod from a negative to positive to make that work normally.

For the first few items above is there anything you would change and how would you modify them?

For example, would you try to make the attack bonuses escalate slower for all classes? Why and how? Would you also do the same for the monsters?

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