Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kickstarters - Doppleganger, Dice Shield, Fantasy Violin

I just jumped into another few kickstarters, one that just hit the funding goal, one I believe will fund and another I have a lot of doubts about despite it being a useful product.

The first is Legends: Fantasy Violin. It is what it sounds like, a CD for listening pleasure and for gaming background music. Julia Okrusko kept this project simple and her goal low. The project just reached the goal and has 14 days remaining to make more money.

The second, which I believe will fund, is Doppelganger: The Universal Game Piece. This one is about $5,000 from hitting the funding goal with a little under 31 hours remaining.

I can see tons of uses for having just one of these even though I own hundreds of miniatures. In the Villains and Vigilantes game I'm part of, it would be perfect for displaying my character image. It makes a perfect pawn for lots of board games. Who needs the tokens for Monopoly when you can use the Doppelganger and have whatever you want! Play Battletech and lack a good representation for the light mech you really want to play? Grab or draw the correct image, load it into this device and there you go. Many more ideas have been mentioned in the comments for the kickstarter.

The third kickstarter, the one I have my doubts about making the funding goal, is also very useful.

The Dice Shield: Roll Anywhere. See Everything - This can be used for more than just rolling dice above your play area. It can be used as an elevated play area. Have characters and creatures at different heights? Perhaps they are exploring the floating wizards tower? Need a snack bowl at the table, but hate playing around the bowl? Add the extender legs to give it additional height, line it with paper towels, and pour your snacks into it!

I decided to back this one at a higher level than I really need for myself since if it does manage to fund then I'll have some to give as gifts. It is expensive for what it is, partly due to keeping the manufacturing in the United States instead of outsourcing (I applaud this because our economy could use whatever boosts it can get), and because creating high quality mass production molds for something like this costs a lot.

Please check these Kickstarter projects out, and if you know of any others you find interesting please add them in the comments so we can all take a look.

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