Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Spell - Spittle Bond

Spittle Bond

Level: 1
Duration: Until commitment fulfilled (see below)
Range: Touch

The wizard and the person they are making an agreement with, spit into their palms and shake hands to seal the agreement for a service to be rendered as the spell is cast.

Should the agreement be broken, for example by one party not providing the service in the agreed manner or period of time, a bright blue mark appears in the palm of the violator. This not only shows they have broken a commitment but allows them to be easily tracked by the spell Locate Spittle Bound and makes other divinations about the breacher easier as well.

Attempts to place impossible conditions on another through use of the spell cause it to fail.


Bighara said...


StevenWarble said...

I like! Again, the spell has a nice folklore feel and a functional use outside of providing combat artillery.

And, I could see a chain of higher level spells getting researched that either create greater penalties to breaking the bond, or that interact with a spittle bond in various ways.

Nice work.