Monday, April 23, 2012

New Monster - Parchment Guardian

Parchment Guardian

# Appearing: 2d4, never outside guarded area
Alignment: neutral
Movement: 120 (40)
HD: 2+1
AC: 8
Saves: F2
Morale: 12

Formed of loosely gathered scrolls, the spindles acting as the skeleton, they tumble off shelves and lunge unsteadily after intruders.

They attack by swinging jagged parchment claws twice a round doing 1d3 damage on hits.

Once they take damage they will attempt to throw themselves upon a target to tangle them up. The target must save vs breath weapon to avoid entanglement. Entangled characters may attack or move at half speed, but take 1d4 damage if they do so. It takes 2 rounds of doing nothing else to escape without taking further damage. The victim may escape in 1 round if aided by someone who also is doing nothing else.

Some wizards have been known to cast wards, glyphs, and other spells that trigger when the guardian is struck or when it throwns itself at a target.

Parchment Guardians are highly flammable. They will immediately attempt to throw themselves on a target if lit on fire, even if they already acted in the round. They take 1d3 extra damage from fire and the damage they take is also scored on any entangled character until the guardian is consumed by the flames or the character escapes.

If burning near other flammable objects the risk of other things catching fire is doubled.

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