Monday, May 29, 2017

West Marches -session something or other

I've lost track of the session count.

A quick update, the party is engaging the bandit/cultists and their necromancer ally. It has been a series of skirmishes in which the party has come out ahead until now.

Having decided to recon the bandit lair, the party have circled around to the east and then south of the encampment. They party is presently split into three units. The main unit is comprised of four characters and one npc, the second unit is two characters and two npcs, and the third unit is one character who is in big trouble.

Unit 2 is being tracked by a force of bandits and a war dog, which they are leading into an ambush by the main unit. Anton, alone, decided to get up close to see what the encampment held. His plan backfired when he triggered a magic mouth spell alerting the camp to his presence. Things are getting interesting and will be more so when the ambush kicks off.

We left off on that cliff hanger.

Below is a rough approximation of the positions. Not to scale.

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Scott Anderson said...

Bandits and pirates always have the best treasure per unit of danger. Dwarfs come close, but bandits and pirates give the best bang for your buck.