Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Follow-up on XP in Escrow

Here's the thing, as a DM, I wouldn't give full experience for the Lich and Death Knights in the latest example. They would have an xp value as challenges when the situation is overcome unless actually engaged, and creative solutions (or funny ones) would earn a bonus. Regardless, the 5E advancement is off-the-charts too rapid.

I seem to recall Mike Mearls or one of his team at Wizards of the Coast, mentioning alternate charts that would be in the DMG. They have since stated that quite a bit had to be cut from the book before release, and I can only surmise the alternate charts were cut.

I imagine working out an experience advancement table wouldn't be that hard to do, it's the getting the pacing right that is the tougher part. And if I really wanted to as DM, I could just tell the players when to level. I much prefer tables, probably for the sense of reward I get from it as player and DM.

When I return to running Ptolus, I expect to have put together an advancement table more to my liking, that gives everyone time to explore the setting before being too powerful for almost everything.

Keeping the change simple is important. Considerations include changing just the advancement table; reducing the experience awarded for combat; figuring out a way to convert to xp for treasure with drastic reductions in creature xp value, etc. I'm currently leaning toward just the first option. This is something the players will be consulted with for input and ideas.

More time is still needed DMing the game before I feel ready to offer up additional house rules.

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captcorajus said...

Quite frankly, I only use the monster's XP value as a guideline. No chart will ever get it right because, in my opinion, leveling is as much of a story component as everything else.

The pace must come from the group you are with, and what the DM has on his plate for the next game session.

Generally, I don't plan out in advance more than the next two or three gaming sessions. Now, the is the 'overarch' or the story in the back ground that the PCs are probably influencing, but not seeing.

WHEN the PCs reach certain milestones in the story is completely dependent on level. Thus, you don't want them getting there too fast, nor do you want them getting there too slow.

I look at the arch, and where the PCs are in regards to the story, and say, "okay, well, that's going to need to take at least 6 to 8 game sessions before next level, or maybe 3 or 5 game sessions.

Since we play once a week, that translates into 2 months of real time... or longer if we miss a session or two.

You say its too fast, but, using this method, your characters are all 7th level, and we've been playing this this campaign for almost 2 years. At this pace, it will literally take 6 years of real time to reach 20th level.

I'm not so sure I'd want to slow the pace. lol.

But the thing is, a DM is not a robot... and RPGs are story telling games. Its not cut and dry.. kill monster... monster worth 800xp... 4 characters get 200 xp each. There are many other factors to consider.