Sunday, January 11, 2015

RIP Game Cat, You are missed.

A couple of weeks ago my friend decided that it was time to humanely euthanize her 16 year old cat, Selene, who was suffering from cancer. The poor girl had reached the point of having great difficulty eating and had exposed bone where the earlier surgery had removed a large tumor and she was not healing anymore. Right up till the end, Selene was a very affectionate cat.

She was also quite curious as can be seen in the photo of her trying to figure out what everyone was doing at the game table during a session of 3rd edition D&D back in 2000. A player stepped away for a moment and up popped Selene to look across the table at the dice and miniatures. My friend, a camera bug, snapped a quick shot that went on to become a LOLcat picture. (Thank you to the person that turned Selene into a LOLcat.)

The picture of Selene distracting an orc with her +3 cheeseburger will remain on the blog in its regular space. Here, for a better look is that picture again.

RIP: Selene

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