Friday, January 23, 2015

Getting back behind the screen for some more 5e

It is about time. It looks like the group will be getting back together February 21st to complete the Isle of the Abbey adventure we began in October.

There will be some changes in both the cast of characters and the players. I'm trying my best to drag the same people back to the table and maybe a couple more.

The previous player of the Paladin will be playing a thief. The Paladin will be played by the player formerly playing the wizard. There is no confirmation yet if the player of the Ranger is returning, though most of the group hopes this will happen. A player that could not make it last time due to a family emergency is likely to make it this time and may bring a plus one (both have never played D&D and want to learn). Someone will inherit the wizard, and someone will get to choose from the starter set pre-gen characters.

When we last played, the characters had crossed the island, braved attacks by undead and pirates, met some goats and other pirates, made their way up a cliff to get to the abbey, ambushed some evil cultists, got inside the surviving underground portion of the ruins, fought a bunch more cultists, and earned more than enough experience points to become level 2 which they will be at the start of the upcoming session.

There will be exploring, combat, more exploring and combat, etc. Mostly dungeon crawling this time around. They have already discovered there are some factions at play, so far mostly of the get me off the island and I won't interrupt this adventure for a Pound type. They have not yet decided how or if they should do anything with the factions and individuals that are roaming the island and the ruins.

I am definitely looking forward to the game, especially since I will be able to break out lots of props and some surprises for the group.

Stay tuned!

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