Saturday, May 24, 2014

Putting First Things First

If this blog were a military duty, I would have long ago been tried and convicted of dereliction of duty. Fortunately it is a hobby, not any sort of career or obligation and when I need or choose to do so, can be ignored for a time.

I found myself itching to get back to writing and today found some time to give it a shot.

The list below includes a number of things I plan to spew electrons onto the lighted page about over the course of things as time and interest permits.

Within the post pipeline are at least seven Prop Dusting articles covering a bunch of game terrain, useful tools, prop coins, etc.

Also on the agenda, at least three articles on various crowd funded game rules and supplements.

A shout out about a friend's gaming video blog.

A magic item.

Maybe some more of the cartoons(?) of cats and dogs playing RPGs.

A brief review of a simple RPG that sadly means I have to change the name of my game supplement. Hey, I got lazy. Snooze = Lose.

The passing of a game artist that I am way behind on saying anything about.

Gaming Tables, a comparison.

And of course information about the new 5th edition of D&D. New which anyone interested is likely to already know . . . lazy, I admit it.

So, where have I been? Busy with real life things. Occasionally playing in other people's campaigns. Going through physical therapy to help recover from injuries. Job hunting. Communicating with people I have not been in touch with for a couple decades, and ironically (for me at least) avoiding communicating with other people I have not been in touch with also for a couple decades.

Sound dramatic? Nah, just typical stuff people go through. I sometimes wonder why me, then I say to heck with it, let's game!

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StevenWarble said...

Good to see you back in the blogosphere, old man!