Thursday, May 29, 2014

Buying a Table For Your Game, Decisions, Decisions

Over the decades, some gamers with a talent for carpentry and a do-it-yourself mentality have built themselves nifty tables on and in which to play their games, but not all of us possess that skill set or have the gumption to do the work.

For those in the latter groups, there are professionals willing to do it and charge us for their hard work. Here then are two companies doing exactly that.

GEEK CHIC: The first company building a range of game tables and storage options has been at this for a while and produces some very beautiful furniture. Not only is it nice to look at, but you pay some hefty prices for this top of the line work. Geek Chic tables are jaw-dropping, wallet killers meant for people who have a place to keep it safe from the ravages of animals.

HAMMERED GAME TABLES: The second company building game tables is a relative newcomer, but no less talented. Their tables are well built, with a rugged handsomeness, designed for folks less concerned with impressing the in-laws while disguising their hobby. Much less expensive than the other company's furniture, the offerings from these folks may start finding their way into the game rooms of a good many more of us who lack the cash reserves and safe rooms to afford the lovelies above. And these can handle a little puppy love or kitty skritchin'.

Below, tables from each company.

Check out both company websites (links in names above) and see what you think. Both serve the gaming community well and I find all of the furniture from both companies attractive in their own way. My wallet likes the less expensive option.

Note: If cats scratching your furniture worries you, please do not de-claw them. Get Soft Paws instead and work on redirecting their natural scratching behavior to scratching posts designed for the purpose.

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