Monday, November 26, 2012

Such Barbarism!

Here I am with my head firmly buried in the sand of not gaming and I missed an announcement that leaves me both fascinated and nauseous in the same instant.

A new Conan movie is in the works and is planned for release in the summer of 2014, just in time to compete with the 3rd Hobbit movie. Good luck on that, you might want to consider releasing before Hobbit 3 does and definitely not the same weekend.

Legend of Conan (current working title) will star Arnold reprising his role as the barbarian 3 decades after the popular, but not true to R.E. Howard, Conan the Barbarian.

I liked that movie for it's over the top and not necessarily good acting, as well as for what I consider one of the best movie sound tracks of all time.

I still refuse to consider Conan the Destroyer or the recent Conan with Jason Mamoa as anything other than a waste of time. I saw Destroyer as part of a double feature along with The Last Starfighter in the theater way back when, and only saw the cerebrum deadening Mamoa Conan on dvd.

Like many of my old-school peers and R.E. Howard fans, I would love to see a movie that holds very close to the writing and not some slingshot of mental masterbation by a Hollywood weenie with no appreciation for the works. Somehow I doubt this movie will even try, but hopefully it will stand on its own as half decent entertainment of the swords and gore variety.

Given that we fans are unlikely to get our wish anytime in the near future, perhaps we could lobby for a full blown comedic endeavour to at least give us some belly laughs. I already know the best actor for the role.


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Doomsayer said...

Sigh...looking back in 2017.
Still No Arnie-helmed Conan flick out.