Saturday, November 17, 2012

Night of the Living . . . (not dead)

I am still absorbed in the whole work-school-sleep-work cycle and still not doing any gaming. My current lack of interest in gaming can be attributed to all the Real Life(tm) stuff that will be going on likely into early 2013.

Hopefully I can slip in a break and try to do some gaming soon, if just for a few hours over the holidays.

I will be carving out a few hours to do some computer gaming once Baldur's Gate Enhanced launches on the 28th of this month.

An update on my friend the cyborg - Last news I have is that he is home, and his doctors have suggested strongly that he get on disability. At least he is alive. Hopefully I can make some time to catch up with him during the holidays to a least talk and hang out for a bit.


StevenWarble said...

Good to see you back on line

Dave T said...

Good to hear. I'll keep you in the loop.