Monday, September 26, 2011

What Do You Feed Your Ravenous Horde Of Carnivorous Fish?

Answer: If you're in the weekly game I play in, and the module being played is Night's Dark Terror, you feed them my elf!

The party is in a very strange area and desperate to find a crossing over a river without walking into the teeth of a well fortified tribe of goblins. When searching up river for a fordable area my character tried wading across the best spot he had found so far. He was out of line of sight of the party and foolishly did not test the waters first with anything that would have alerted him to the peril. Seventeen hitpoints of surprise damage later and the party is now wondering where the heck the elf got off to.



New character time. This is my first character loss in years, and the first ever by unseen carnivorous fish!


bighara said...

Sorry about that one, Elf-Boy! But you surely did walk right into it (literally!).

OSRbaron said...

No apology needed. That is the nature of the big bad campaign world. Around every corner may lurk something dangerous. Considering the strange nature of where the party is at, one would think a wary elf would have known better.