Monday, September 12, 2011

Tok - A Halfling's Halfling (Lost Baronies character spotlight)

Short, quite rotund, and remarkably agile. Able to fade into the surrounding foliage with ease. And greedy to a fault. These are all things that could, and probably have been used to describe the only halfling currently among the party.

His favorite line when discussing the spoils is "this has been in my family for years!". Imagine that said in the voice of Wallace Shawn the actor perhaps best known for his part in the movie A Princess Bride.

He currently is in possession of a high percentage of the magical equipment within the party including the choicest armor which he conned them into resizing for him, a magic shield, and a Girdle of Giant Strength!

"But they've been in my family for years!"

When confronted with various situations Tok's standards often fall into the category of questionable. For example: his companion Samson falls in battle, an arrow through the throat. What does Tok do after the fighting is over? Loot Samson's corpse and push the body down the hillside.

The party seems reluctant to challenge him so far, probably because he is a crack shot with his sling and with his boosted strength those stones are even more lethal than before. Of course his firepower has saved their bacon several times so maybe giving him some leeway with treasure pickings isn't such a bad idea . . .

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