Monday, December 8, 2014


In response to Stu Rat's comment to the Something Wicked post.


The Role-Playing Game

The year is 1870 and your hearty band of railroad workers
is facing their toughest challenge yet. You've braved the 
elements, the freezing cold, the scorching heat, wind, rain,
storms. You've survived landslides, cave-ins, and accidents
of all kinds. But nothing prepared you for the horror you
now face. You and your crew are fighting for your very
jobs against the nightmare that is mechanization!
The mighty steam hammer has come to take yer jerbs!

In JOHN HENRY! - The Role-Playing Game players take
on the roles of railroad workers with special talents and
skills, working together to beat back the tides of progress.

Classes include Steel Drivers - the class of JOHN HENRY himself!
Montebancs, Thieves, Prospectors, Cooks, and others.

So pick up your copy today and SWING THE HAMMER.

Stu, your comment had me howling. Great response I could not resist posting about. Sorry to say, nope this wasn't what the clue is about, but keep going! If it helps me come up with more fun to write posts, all-the-better!

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Stu Rat said...

After that game description for a non-existant game, your Olympic Hammer Throwing game had better be GOOD!