Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Magic Item - Ring of Spell: Snoring

The cavern was pitch black. Even the orcs couldn't see where they were going and had slowed to a shambling hoard of complainers. If he could lead them to the chasm perhaps enough would fall in that he could make a hasty exit.

Embuk fished around in his pouch for one particular magic ring, the one sure to fool the orcs into an ill advised charge over the edge. "Ah, there it is." he thought, putting on the sandstone ring carved with moons and stars. "This should give the savages a target."

From across the darkness, deeper into the cavern and well out over the chasm edge, emanated loud snoring, obviously from the soon-to-be victim that had angered the tribe's shaman. It took nothing to get the desired result as a baker's dozen of the brutes rushed blindly to their deaths, over the edge and 70 feet below. The orc shaman would have to wait for any retribution. The snoring stopped and Embuk put the ring away.

Lighting his lantern, Embuk made his way out of the cavern, wary of possible guards and maybe the shaman himself.

New Magic Item - Ring of Spell: Snoring

The ring is imbued with one spell only, Snoring, which creates a loud snoring sound that lasts up to two minutes or until cancelled by the wearer. The sound can be created up to 120 feet from the wearer. An hour or more after use it can again be cast.

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