Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gygax Magazine issue #4 - follow-up and brief review

Gygax Magazine issue 4 in hard copy is at least another month away. Apparently they ran into difficulties with printing and had to change printing companies. However, they did release the pdf copies to subscribers.

Having gone through some, but not all of issue 4, I can honestly say I will be renewing my subscription. This issue contains plenty of useful material.

Men and Monsters of Polynesia provides plenty of critters to populate encounters should you decide to have your PCs island hop their way to X1 - Isle of Dread.

Jinn takes a pretty decent look at the various types of genie and their hierarchy.

The Necromancer's Cookbook introduces a source for unusual enhanced skeletons and zombies to spice up the lower ranks of the undead. Since I already do things like this occasionally I welcomed seeing the thoughts of another DM.

Having played some Top Secret back in my early rpg days, it was good to see a Merle M. Rasmussen written adventure for that game system.

Leonard Lakofka gets granular with ranged weapon modifiers in his Leomunds Secure Shelter article.

Other articles I need to take time to read include Randomize Your Realm which looks promising for flavoring the economics and other attributes of the campaign world; Adventuring Without the Magic; Psionics Without the Points, which makes psionics another branch of spellcaster; an article by Ed Greenwood; Melee Masters; and the comics.

This one has me interested in reading everything in it, unlike the previous three issues. Issue 3 saw improvement over 1 & 2, and #4 seems to have hit the mark for me.

Almost forgot to mention the awesome cover by Den Beauvais, who way back in issues 83, 86, 89, and again later in issue 118, gave us 4 other chess themed covers. So here is the cover to Gygax Magazine #4:
And the others:

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