Saturday, December 15, 2012

Magic Item - Goblet of Reflection

Goblet of Reflection

Besh had vexed his attempts at recovering the Fohlud Scrolls three times now and Embuk was determined to take him out of the picture completely and finally. To that end he had enlisted a team of nefarious types to track and slay his nemesis. After weeks of planning and surveillance it was time to end the problem of Besh.

Drin the Slinker had tracked the target to his favorite watering hole, Sting of the Wyvern, and within minutes the assembled team had worked their way into position.

Gul Jerga, Master of Shades, sat quietly in a dark corner of the busy tavern. His fingers played slowly along the rim of the goblet he appeared to be absently staring into as if in deep reflection.

Across the room, Embuk signaled to his companions to strike. Zladuk was the first to move. The wiry goblin emerged from beneath his hooded cloak, rapidly drawing and throwing two daggers. From her vantage point at the other end of the bar, Teek the halfling necromancer whispered a baneful dirge-curse. Lorpa stepped seemingly from nowhere wielding a barb ended spear, thrusting with all her might at the heart of Besh.

To all it seemed as if Besh had died a painful if quick death, but Embuk sensed something was not quite right. Scanning the room as his hirelings fled, Embuk noticed the mystic in the dark corner. The figure had not reacted at all to the startling event. Looking back to the prone body of Besh revealed that he had been outfoxed again. Besh had hired his own help, an illusionist to cover his tracks.

Time to leave town thought Embuk, scrolls be damned.

Magic Item - Goblet of Reflection

This magical goblet is both a minor scrying device and an enhancer of illusion spells. When the goblet is filled with a liquid the holder can focus his or her attention into the depths of the fluid and by manipulating fingers along the rim, adjust the view seen within and concentrate on spells cast through the goblet.

Viewers suffer a penalty of 2 when saving to pierce the veil and recognize the illusion.

The goblet may also be used in a similar fashion to a crystal ball for visual information, not auditory.

The range of use is limited to no more than 100 feet and the user must have personal visual knowledge of the target area.

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