Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Odds and Ends

Ugh, when life throws curveballs it doesn't mess around. Currently dealing with some annoying real life issues. Might not be posting for a couple more days at least.

Meanwhile . . .

Working on refamiliarizing myself with Traveller (been over 25 years since I played the system). I have the Mongoose rulebook since my old rulebooks were lost ages ago.

I'm planning to run a short couple sessions of Traveller in the Firefly 'Verse for the weekly group. The Firefly tv show has the feel of Traveller and many things within the program can be pointed out in the books without too much disconnect. That and I have the itch to mess with the old kludge of a sci-fi system. Should be fun since I will be slipping some "Easter Eggs" from the series into the scenario.

The players will be rolling up characters at the start since that really is a fun aspect of Traveller. Another advantage is that it helps the group build a team as they go instead of a bunch of individuals with no background connections or reasons for being together. Once they have their characters created their next decision will be the naming of their ship.

At this time I cannot reveal any additional info, that will have to wait until my turn behind the screen comes up and the players manage to get themselves into trouble.

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DrBargle said...

I've got to say, I watched Firefly on DVD and after an episode or two, said to my wife, 'that's a D&D party in a sandbox game'.