Friday, January 6, 2012

Lost Baronies of Lendore Isle - session 9 part 2

The party pushed their way into the cramped cave opening with a single torch for light. The roughly 15' by 10' area opened vertically much higher and at angles to the ground level of the cave. A passage continued further back.

The noise and sudden torchlight disturbed a nest of stirges that had been napping high up in the twisty ceiling and they dove in waves upon the companions. There were 10 in total and although they scored some hits, latching onto various people, the party quickly dealt with the threat.

In the scuffle Miera had kicked aside a small humanoid skull and Pedro stepped right where the skull had been, pressing a tiny bag down into the soft loam covering the cave floor. He checked what he had stepped on to discover two gems.

Moving down the extended passage they went left for about fifty feet at a slight downward angle and found a worked stone archway leading into a 15' by 15' room cluttered with bits of broken furniture and droppings from some kind of animal or humanoid. As they worked their way to the opposite archway 5 spitting cobras began an attack. Four of them spit, trying to blind the closest people, all missing, but Thorgrims ill luck continued as one he had stepped over sank fangs through his boot. Again the party rapidly dealt with the deadly adversaries.

Beneath the remains of an old chair was a slightly ripped sack spilling out a handful of silver coins. Pulling it out and performing a rough count they estimated about 700 pieces were there. Splitting it roughly among them for ease of carrying they continued into the vast dark chamber beyond.

The burning sensation in Thorgrim's calf had eased to a mild warmness by the time they finished counting the coins and he confidently shrugged off the venomous snake bite.

At the edge of their torchlight they spied what appeared to be a 4' tall lever jutting from the floor of this larger chamber. Tok crept out to take a better look, dragging a line of rope with him as he went. Having confirmed that it was indeed a lever he quietly asked his companions to look overhead at the entrance archway for signs of a portcullis and they confirmed his observation. Wrapping the rope around a nearby pillar and tying it to the lever he began creating a make-shift block and takle so they could open or close the portcullis by pulling on the rope in different directions.

The group than began their exploration of the undercroft chamber. There were pillars roughly every 20 feet and the ceilings between them were vaulted to a height of 15 feet. Judging by the darkness beyond their torchlight and the echoing of their footfalls, the room must be gigantic.

Slowly they moved along the righthand side of the room passing 3 or 4 more pillars. Pausing and sheilding the light of their torches to reduce interference, they let the two dwarves peer into the darkness for as far as they could see. This yeilded little information except to confirm the enormity of the room. The darkness stretched beyond even their vision.

Lighting three torches, Tok then made running throws to get the torches as far out from the group into the darkness ahead and to the left as he could. This elicited a rapid response. Pale skinned, red eyed humanoids darted out from hiding to extinguish the torches, plunging those areas back into darkness.

That is where the session left off. Next session is tomorrow!
Will the intrepid adventurers be eaten by hungry monsters? Will they discover great treasures? To find out these answers and more, tune in next time, same unspecified time, same silly blog!

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